growing up..

This is my baby & he’s growing up way too fast! I’m starting to see glimpses of the young man he is becoming. He is friendly, kind hearted, well mannered, helpful, does well at school, likes his sleep 😉 & he loves soccer.With Samuel the door closes for the last time on so many things, becoming a teenager is one of them. I still don’t know how we got here so fast, but we are & as exciting as it is to see where life takes him, it’s also a little sad for his mama. Thank goodness for photos to look back on & remember all of those wonderful memories!

emma’s family..

Beautiful, heartwarming smiles, giggles, happiness & love are the perfect words to describe Emma’s family! how amazing are those blue eyes.. they draw you right in 😉

Happy Wednesday friends.. x

cake smash..

I thought it was time I did a post about Ahlia’s cake smash seeing as it was back in January.. 😉

Needless to say she had a ball & the cake did not last for very long, but when she was done.. she was done!  no matter how much we tried to coax her back to the cake, she wasn’t having a bar of it! At one time Ahlia tried to share her cake with me, when she saw my reaction to her walking towards me all covered in cake, she thought is was funny & kept doing it.. little monkey, luckily my camera was spared from the cake fest 😉  Cake smashes are so messy but.. so worth it!

Have a great weekend friends. x


While the days may be getting shorter & the nights cooler, the weather has been beautiful lately! The soccer season has finally started. Thanks to recent rain, teams are playing on both Saturday & Sunday to catch up on a few missed games. I have to say it already feels like the season has been going for ages! well.. they do start training in mid January 😉

I have a few posts to catch up on & will hopefully get them up over the next week, so stay tuned! Happy Sunday & have a great week.. x

Laura’s beautiful family.

the d family..

I consider it an absolute privilege to capture precious memories for families, be it a maternity, newborn, cake smash or a family session, they are all so special & I’m honoured to be apart of these sessions.

I loved spending the afternoon with the beautiful D family, Miss H is just darling, full of fun, laughter, a love for life & throw in a little mischief, sassiness, a whole lot of sweetness & the most gorgeous hair! It’s not hard to see where Miss H gets her beauty from, just check out mum & dad, are they not simply gorgeous!

There’s a whole lot of love going on in this family, it’s wonderful to be in a position to witness the pure love between child & parent/parents.. it’s a privilege! x

The D family..

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